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 the Taggerty Doll Clinic

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The Doll Hospital School

This is a students book to a correspondence course that is no longer offered. there is no index just Lesson plans from 1 to 100. This book has black and white photographs, sketches and sectional drawings of many specific dolls and how they work. the dolls are mostly Boomer Era dolls such as Betsy Wetsy, Dollikin, Sweet Sue, Sausy Walker, Alexander dolls including Cissy, and many more. Lessons include Eye lashes, hair care, wigs, restringing, repairing and making plastic parts, China and compo repairs and more. This information will never be outdated.

Posted September 15, 2011 at 11:28 AM

If I were a professor teaching a course on Doll Restoration this book would be on the required reading list. This book is written with great detail on the cause and effects of poor doll construction and environmental exposure that plague all vinyl dolls. I was prepairing to write a similar book because I saw a need for this information until I found this book. I could NOT have done a better job. It would help the reader to have some chemistry background and understanding. Keep in mind that this is strictly for vinly dolls and not hard plastic. It will not address Hard Plastic Disease or Stink Doll Syndrome. But it will address, with color photographs, Sticky Doll, ink and stain removal, primary and secondary plasitcizer oxidation, fungal staining, green ear, lip bleeding, heat exposure and more.

Posted September 15, 2011 at 11:30 AM